Monday, March 16, 2015

the 5th!

Yesterday we got back from my baby brother's epic wedding weekend, and I've so many images and thoughts swirling around my head, so much after-glowy happiness - it was magical.
I'm still sorting through photos, and not yet ready to find all the right words and besides, some other things have been happening recently too.

Stella turned 5!

Early on she declared she was going to decorate her own cake - a startlingly moment for me, who has always maintained full creative control over birthday cakes!
But we deferred to her bidding, as always, and presented her with a yellow iced rectangle to do with as she pleased.
The favourite plastic animals were assembled, I was asked to cut some green grass for the front and sides, and her big sister was allowed to place the birthday candles.

But obviously her father and I couldn't leave it entirely without surprise ...

Leopard print cake!

She's got a thing about big cats this girl. And we've got a thing about birthday parties - they're good for us.

Happy birthday Little Star.


ToBlog today said...

Looks like a wonderful party!

Janice said...

We have never met but I love reading your blog. I have been reading at least as long as Stella has been part of your family. Happy Belated Birthday, Stella. From Janice in Mississippi USA

Molly said...

Thanks Angelina and Janice!