Friday, October 09, 2015

new work

On our school run we pass a fence, at the sea, on which we often see a series of seagulls, one on each pole, biding their time and watching the world go by.

'How lovely,' I think every time I pass. 'If I was an artist I'd paint that.'

Last Thursday I thought 'Fuck it, I am an artist.' And came home and started this.

The most frustrating part about collage, and probably the best part for me in terms of personal growth - both in the medium and in life - is that one has to do the background first.
I suck at patience, prep work and foundation laying.

But with this medium I have no choice, and am forced to think, to plan, to wait, to grow.

I did all that this time, and I love how it turned out.


Janice said...

Love it. Great design.

DB Stewart said...

Best mantra ever: "Fuck it. I am an artist.

Linda said...

You are really, really good at collage! You've inspired me, if I ever get the opportunity I'll go on a collage course...