Tuesday, May 31, 2016

this time I took the girls

Johannesburg in May seems to have become a thing, a thing I do most every year. This time I took the girls.

Crazy static plane hair
They were such excellent travellers.
I bought Frieda a book at CT Airport and she basically read all the way from there 'til we got to our friends house, only stopping when feeling a little queasy (we decided reading while landing was not a good idea).
Stella and I played travel dominoes and chatted and ate chips. And laughed at her crazy static hair.

From OR Tambo Airport we took the 'Cow' train to our home for the weekend, bathed in lush, gorgeous, winter light.

Johannesburg is so pretty this time of year.

A birthday party for a special little boy, rough and tumbles in some of the City's beautiful parks. Pizza and bubbly (so much bubbly), sushi and chocolate cake.
A lovely weekend in a beautiful home.

I'm not sure whether the mythical Joburg lived up to the girls' expectations, this place their Dad and I go to for work, and sometimes play. I don't know if they expected more, if they thought it would be different, but I do know they had a great time, as did I with them.

I do know that they were wonderful travel-mates, and I feel more than a little sad that I can't take them further afield right now - they would love it so.

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