Wednesday, January 04, 2017

2017 is going to be YUGE

2017 is going to be hard. Challenging and scary and exhausting.
2017 will require us all to 'nut-up' (my very most worst and best expression of late).
We know this.

But there are things so much bigger than all that.

There are big skies and adventures.

Big open beaches and friendships big enough to hold all our collective memories.

Big moments of peace and remembrance, big emotions and spaces to hold them.

Big acts of nature to remind us of a power greater than ours, to give us bigger perspectives on all we hold dear.

And big love. Always big love.

2017 will have all of these - and they will make easier to bear, no matter what comes our way. Let's keep our eyes on the big picture, it's a lovely one.

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julochka said...

I feel like I've been down in a well, with all trump all the time blaring at me. but i think i'm surfacing and i'm glad i read this...thank you.