Tuesday, April 25, 2017

easter happened

I was woken Easter Sunday morning by a small child shaking me.
'Pinkie-swear Mummy, pinkie-swear you're not the Easter Bunny.'
Hungover AF (we were in Hermanus, with friends, we'd celebrated a 50th the night before, there'd been a very excellent Taiwanese whiskey), I groped through my remaining brain cells.
'Pinkie-swear Mummy!' 
Little finger crooked in my face, big earnest eyes - this was serious.

I examined my conscious, and made a hasty decision. Actually yes, I could pinkie-swear I wasn't the Easter Bunny.
Was I fluffy? No. Did I zoom around the world planting chocolate eggs? No. Was I a fictional being? No. Although the whole experience did feel a little out of body tbh.

I wrapped my little finger around hers and shook it. 
'Pinkie-swear', I croaked.

The situation was nearly as awkward as a bell jar crammed with bunnies.

None-the-less, back home Easter happened in a far more adult and tasteful fashion.


Unknown said...

Your easter decorations look wonderful! I love your easter egg tree. Where can you get these - maybe somewhere on line? (hopefully as I'm in Ireland, not SA!)


Molly said...

Thanks Anne-Marie, they're still up!
Sadly I bought the eggs at a local discount store. They're just polystyrene, glittered and beribboned - if they still had their Easter stock I'd offer to send you some but unlike me, they've packed up Easter.

Unknown said...

thanks anyhow :-)
I must look at my local discount stores next year!
I hope your dog is doing okay...

all the best