Sunday, October 01, 2017

colour blocking

This time last year I was doing this. And it hasn't really let up much.

To be honest the year has been brutal.

Sometimes one needs to hide ...

... and spend a day faffing the shelves.

I painted these shelves, turns out almost exactly 3 years ago. Must be a spring thing then ... sprucing.

It was so good to not think. To handle things which have a story for me - the books and the figurines and the things - to dust, to sort, to place. To use my eyes not my heart, my hands not my head.

Regaining control over some tiny corners of my life.
Let's go October.
Be gentle.

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molly said...

if i could thumbs up here, i would (though, technically, i am somewhat against the whole thumbs up action, now that a certain blonde cheeto that is in charge of the USA uses it constantly....), let's just say, I get it!!!