Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bread for the soul

The eve of a huuuuge job interview, could be my first big job post-baby and semi maternity leave, and a project I've been keen to be involved in for years.... Riddled with nerves.... 

What do I do?

Cook baby, cook.

I've been having great success experimenting with new recipes recently, and I've really been enjoying cooking in a way I haven't for years. One of my regular reads is the Pioneer Woman and I'd love to post step-for-step recipes with gorgeous photos like she does but I really don't have the time when cooking alas.

(As an aside, I enjoy the Pioneer Woman but as I hardly have time to read her blog I honestly have no idea how she finds the time to post it. Just taking, downloading, resizing and touching up photos takes long enough, let alone parenting, running a house & a ranch, toasting calf nuts and all the other things she claims to do. Love her, but seriously, does she really exist?!)

Anyhow, to alleviate pre-interview nerves I baked a focaccia (as one does) and it came out damn fine indeed. Nothing like tasty carbs when you're in a tight spot. Bread for the soul baby.


Fiona said...

Hello! Nice to meet you :) Come back to my blog, I've blogged in it now! Also, how did the big very important interview go?! Fi xx

Fiona said...

(Fi from superfi.wordpress.com, I don't know how many Fi's you have recently introduced yourself to via the interweb but just in case!)