Friday, September 19, 2008

ho hum... more distractions...

I'm just not ready to make a decision yet ok?!

About the job thing that is. I'm giving myself 'til Monday... Anyone who's gestated a baby for 9+ months knows the value in letting things alone to develop and grow by themselves. I have every confidence that as I arb around with my blog and baking cranberry cookies (my plan for tomorrow) the ultimate answer is slowly crystalizing within the muddled depths of my brain, readying to reveal itself to me when the time is right.

In the meantime.... 2 photos I took today:

Those chickens I mentioned (and yes, I wish I was a master photographer and no, I don't really care that I'm not); the kiddiwink loves them and that's all that matters right?

Confession time: the Toy Story money-box is actually mine. I fell deeply and ridiculously in love with Buzz Lightyear back in 1995 and a friend bought this for me on a visit to Disney Land. 2 things about Buzz Lightyear; 1) I still refuse to believe it's not George Clooney who does his voice. I mean, goddamn, the dude is waaaay too sexy for Tim Allen (sorry Tim) and 2) secretly my husband reminds me of him. Buzz that is, not George (that would be too good to be true). 

And the other, very silly but I thought very funny - check the mods on this car!

I blacked out the number plate with respect for the owner's privacy but even if I hadn't left the 'CA' y'all would've guessed it's Cape Town right? I really love living in a multi-cultural society!

Oh and, seriously, is this not the sexiest cartoon figure ever?

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Wendren said...

The chicken silhouettes/cut-outs are adorable. Great job. :)