Sunday, September 07, 2008

the tee-gel incident...

Confession time.

I guess I should be wracked with guilt... but while I obviously feel a little bad, I can't help giggling over this. And the thought of this entering family lore.

So one morning a few weeks ago, the kiddiwink was being a whinge. It's unlike her at the best of times and I knew she'd slept well, fed well so I really couldn't think what could be bothering her. I checked her gums, sniffed her ears, took her temperature and she seemed fine.

I decided an outing was the only solution - she usually perks up in public and at the very least it meant we weren't stuck at home together. So I load her in the car and it's whinge whinge whinge all the way - again, really unlike her.

We get to the mall - whinge whinge whinge, do some errands - whinge whinge whinge, get a coffee - whinge whinge... (barrista gives her a chocolate drop, momentary break in whinging), take the lift back to the car - whinge whinge whinge. Tedious!

Before driving off I give her a quick nappy change in the hopes (oh please Lord) that she'll fall asleep on the way home. And lo and behold, what do I find in her nappy? Wedged inbetween those soft little pink bum cheeks? A tube of Tee-Gel!! Shame! 

It must've been lying on the bed when I'd last changed her, and inamongst the thrashing and wild cavorting which usually acompanies a nappy change, slipped undetected into her nappy. The poor little mite, those tubes are small, but with sharp metal edges!

No visible wounds luckily, just some redness. She perked up immediately, had a snooze and was her usual angelic self for the rest of the day.

Call me a bad mother if you must. But I still think it's fun-neeeee!

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spudballoo said...

Oh, I admit it...this is funny!!! Bless you xx