Sunday, May 24, 2009

me. husband. bike. happiness.

As part of my ongoing birthday treats (I don't call it a Birthday Week for nothing), Husband whipped me off for a romantic bike-away yesterday, something we've been wanting to do for months. Don't we look cool?

We stayed in a small-town hotel in a really small town called McGregor, about 2-3 hours drive from Cape Town. Frieda was with her doting Grandparents, Lego the Pup spent her first night Home Alone.

And we relished being unfettered and free ~ a gorgeous drive, an extremely yummy dinner - patè, lamb, a magnificent wine and verging-on-orgasmic crème brulee at a tiny, 16 seater restaurant housed in an old mill house - 

- and a dawn departure this morning, to wind our way home (a little hungover ...) through picturesque farmlands and along magnificent coastal roads. 

Quality hubby & me mini-break. Yum.
Some gratuitous notes on biking:
  • avoid wearing underwear with a lacy trim, the itchy vibration of the lace in the small of one's back can drive one M-A-D.
  • remember not to have a fizzy drink with one's greasy roadside pie - the small pocket of air inside one's helmet doesn't circulate that quickly, thereby trapping even the smallest burp for longer than one would like.
  • try to plan your route to avoid sewerage plants for the same reason. Small pocket of air. Slow circulation. Trapped. Eeuw.
  • when riding pillion one tends to look mainly round one side of the driver's helmet, often missing beautiful scenery on the other side of the road. An important life lesson: by shifting your butt just slightly, you can change your whole perspective.
  • when bored on the back of a bike (as if), one can use the reflection inside one's visor to ponder one's open pores and increasing wrinkles. This is not recommended.
  • be cool. Putting one's gloves on before one's helmet, catching one's foot when trying to swing onto the back of the bike and trying to scratch one's nose with one's visor down all immediately peg you as a newbie.


Seaside Girl said...

Yup. I have so done that glove helmet thing before. Know exactly what you mean. Glad you had a good break. Sounds lovely.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Love that last tidbit of advice.

julochka said...

looks like it was fantastic! and yes, you guys looked great. :-) must hear more about fabulous dinner and sublime wine and orgasmic creme brulee...

marinik said...

you guys look very cool, glad you enjoyed, loved your advice on biking dos and don'ts, my fave was the whole pore and wrinkle thing, ya avoid at all costs. :)

eastsidemommy said...

Fun! My husband owns a bike, but we are currently trying to sell it due to money or lack of it actually! Glad you guys had fun!

rxBambi said...

Was LMAO at the burp comment! Very funny! Looks like a fabulous ride, and I'd like to try some orgasmic creme brulee as well :)

recipes for the life said...

LOL!The tips are really good,Especially the one about burps and helmet!!

Hope the trip was fantastic though:)

♥ chaitra