Wednesday, May 27, 2009

smile for change

Here's one of my favourite things:

A local 'copy shop' (i.e. digital printing, photocopying, litho, scanning place) has come up with this great job creation initiative.

They produce a really simple black & white, A4, 3 fold flyer called 'Funny Money', filled with jokes and funny sketches, and then give them -for free- to unemployed guys to sell at the traffic lights. There seem to be some rules, and I've yet to find a Funny Money vendor who doesn't abide by them.

1. they must be friendly - and often the vendors take this one step further and dress up or wear silly wigs to get into the 'we're in the business of selling funny' vibe

2. they can't charge a specific price - they've received the flyers for free and therefore accept whatever someone's willing to pay for a chuckle

3. if a motorist shows that they've already bought the latest edition from someone else - the (surely disappointed) vendor thanks them with a big smile for supporting the project

The copy shop in question invites the public to submit jokes, and the humour ranges from seriously naive to nice and irreverent - something for everyone.

Everything about this project rocks my world, and is the most perfect example of the best kind of social upliftment: small business draws public into job creation scheme while empowering and improving the lives of normal guys who just want to feed their families. All while having a laugh.

Smile for Change. Couldn't be more apt.

And my favourite joke from the last few editions?

Tag line: Every office should have one


Extranjera said...

First of all. I need this stamp.
Like, I really need this stamp!!!


I love this thing. Haven't seen it anywhere Joburg... yet. I'm sure it'll get there and then every single post I'll ever write will be about stupid and/or brilliant jokes.

I wonder how one submits. I have plenty stupid ones...

Gotta love SA (and always will, just having a fling with DK and FIN)!

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Ummm, yeah, I am with EXT on this. I must have this stamp for boss's paperwork.


B said...

This is so great! Love everything about this, including that stamp, which I'll also need to take to my office, because seriously, some of my colleagues just need to get a grip.

julochka said...

i've gotta have it.

apparently we ALL gotta have it.

amanda's gonna want it too.

where do we order them?

Pattern and Perspective said...

I need this, too, because then I won't have to say it (the unabbreviated version) all day long. In another world, a parallel universe, I can see myself in front of the boss being talked down to and yet knowing full well she's wrong -- and then I whip out of my stamp like a cowgirl in the old best and bam...stamp her forehead. haha.

I suppose you could have one made, but maybe Molly should sell them:)x

rxBambi said...

Well I need that stamp too! Can I use it to tattoo the heads of drug addicts that come in the shop? That would be awesome. I think someone etsy should sell it (hint hint) :)

Molly said...

Dammit. I should've kept this one under wraps and started an etsy shop to sell them!
Truth is I've actually ordered one from our local post office - they make them up - and although I'm sure the only application will be to annoy husband by stamping every piece of paper in the house, I still gotta have it.
Actually, I could also stamp junk (snail)mail and return to sender. That would be fun....
EXT - the email address to submit jokes is and I'm sure they'll be grateful for funnies from all over the world!

Anonymous said...

yes, i want that. i've been saying it in my head for practically everything i have been handed in today. best to seal it with the stamp, i think!

thanks for stopping by my place earlier. please do come back :)

The Fragrant Muse said...

I'm going to my local guy and order one today!

marinik said...

What a brilliant idea. Love the stamp, I think we can all use one of those :)

Keri said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG - just stumbled upon it today mentioned in "SkinnyLaminx" blog. Its fabulous and your sense of humour is fantastic!!

vedekdrew said...


I am actually going to order one!

I really like your blogs. Great work!