Saturday, February 06, 2010

wake 'n bake

I'll freely admit to a time in my life when waking 'n baking on a Saturday morning meant something completely different, but today it meant just that. Wake (at 06:30 with child) and then, Bake.

We came home from holiday with two manky black bananas in the bottom of our food crate. Usually I whack ones like that in the freezer for making smoothies at some stage (frozen banana is a wonder-ingredient in a smoothie, when blended they go so creamy its as if you added, well, cream), but when I sat down to catch up on some blogs I took it as a sign that there were two posts about banana bread/cake waiting in my Reader.

Grandma Goot's recipe won over Aunty Betty's - 'cos its got chocolate in it of course - tho' I'm sure Heather's could totally handle the addition of some broken up chocolate pieces. And actually, if you compare apples bananas with apples bananas, they're virtually the same recipe.
I'm sure my thighs won't notice the difference. Oh ja, except I made the one with chocolate in it ...

(Of which Blogger will not let me add a picture. Go check out the recipe and take my word for it, it looked just like Julochka's.)

Oh and did I say holiday? Dude, we had the best time. More on that later.


McGillicutty said...

Frozen bananas.. yeah!! I didn't think of that, do you peel them first.. silly question but I have to know!!!! I love banana bread!!!

Heather Moore said...

Auntie Betty's gonna have hurt feelings, dude!