Saturday, January 10, 2009

no.'s 1 - 4

I have a wonderful friend who constantly delights me with her way of looking at the world. She's very practically minded (a qualified engineer no less), extremely capable and confident in her work, her life, motherhood and most things in general, but I don't think she'd necessarily regard herself as a crafter. However, she loves a good challenge, and she's a master (mistress?) of subtly manipulating the rules of any situation to work for her.

When I told her about Tollipop's 100 craft projects in a year concept, my friend initially scoffed. 'One hundred? About 2 a week? Who has the time?' she exclaimed. But, it seems, I'd planted a seed, for fairly early the next morning she began texting me: [what exactly would count as a 'craft'?], [beautifully wrapped gifts? exceptional meals? the pics I draw of PowerRangers for my 4 yr old?], [and if you took a good photo of each item would the photo count as a 'craft'? thereby making each item count twice?], and by the end of the day we'd decided we could count all manner of things, and so we will.

Starting with these; cupcakes baked, I must confess, by my friend, but individually iced with super fun icing 'pens' by us while (queue confession music....): our children watched a Tintin video in the middle of the afternoon....

So herewith items 1 - 4 on my list of 100 crafts in 2009, only 96 to go!

Anyone care to join the challenge?

In other news, our gas stove has arrived and is installed, our kitchen is in a state of semi-renovation, we are ecstatic little chefs, and to celebrate we're hosting a mini-Christmas lunch (as in We Wish You a Mini-Christmas) for my brother, who missed the real thing this year, and other family members tomorrow. We're doing the works, slightly pared down to make it palatable on a 30 degree day, which is what we're expecting tomorrow.
Mince pie in the pool, anyone?

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julochka said...

i'm in. must start numbering...and if every cupcake counts, sabin's b-day party will take care of a good couple dozen alone. ;-)

and you must post pix of your fabulous stove!!!

i'm "twooning" here! :-) (that's my WV--ha!)