Saturday, January 31, 2009

the great murakami

Julochka's posted her last interview answer ~ the question being which was her favourite Murakami novel and why. I knew this would be a good one, and it is!

I'm a newish Murakami reader and find his novels so dense and multi-layered and thought-provoking that I have to work through them slowly, and read them widely spaced apart. I also share Julie's fear of the day when I've read them all so have been trying to prolong that for as long as possible.

But I've often struggled to articulate just why I love him, and what reading one of his novels does to me; my thoughts and emotions. And after Julie's wonderful post I'm not even going to try. This girl gets him, and beautifully expresses what I love about his work too. 

Time & memory people, veeery interesting concepts. Especially when related to Murakami. And more especially after you've read this.

Enjoy! Thanks Julie, you clever thing!

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julochka said...

you are far too kind! i don't know if i really get him, but i do love him. :-)