Monday, June 15, 2009

all in a nap's work

In my extremely exciting recent post about Tidying My Desk (it's a thrill a minute around here folks), I made reference to still wanting to do a couple of things to my work space before I'd regard it as Done.
This is one of those things: a reference / mood / inspiration / wtfamIgoingtodowiththisohwaitI'lljuststickithere board.

Which I whipped up during Frieda's afternoon nap on Sunday. I'm nothing if not swift. It helps when one has a DIY-handy husband who is a total hoarder (as is self) and ergo have a house full of tools, random stuff like manky polystyrene offcuts and an outside loo full of wood offcuts. Doesn't everyone?

(Uh-oh, please note curiousity making a concerted effort to ensnare an inquisitive kitty ...)

It all came together beautifully, and swiftly (did I mention that?).

Step 1: stick manky polysytrene offcuts to each other and cover with The Perfect Paper

Step 2: saw strips of wood to desired length and hammer full of tacks

Step 3: press strips tack-down into polystyrene, thereby making a temporary supportive frame (and here's the ingenious part) which one can simply pull out when one would like the change the paper.

 (I know it looks skew ok, this is the back see)

Aren't you amazed by my brilliant design? Let's hope I'm as successful with those cupcakes ...

Final product installed. With addition of a ribbon strung in front to hang more crap beautiful inspirational images.

And while there's been some offline (read: real time) criticism of my counting my caprese pasta as one of my 100 things , I do believe I'm totally justified in counting this! Number 27 !


Sarah said...

WOW could totally pass that off as store bought. Or perhaps sell them. I am impressed!

clairedulalune said...

I too, impressed! Wow, thats really good!

Just Jules said...

wow - that was quick ;)

McGillicutty said...

I totally love the little clappy hands clippy thing!!! Cuteeeoooooo

rxBambi said...

You can use a saw and still have your fingers?? I'm totally impressed. I'm still learning the whole handy-chick-good-with-power-tools thing. Youre an inspiration! Kudos to you!

julochka said...

recipes are TOTALLY creative and they totally count.

and on the DIY inspiration are such a boy, building stuff. :-) good girl!

WV: prefly...must have something to do with being a cool capable girl who is able to build stuff without injuring self. :-)

Unknown said...

Of course you should count this! It's great!

spudballoo said...

TA DA!! Brilliant, how clever of you to have all that stuff lying around just neeeeeding to be made in to a wftshallidowiththisiknowi'llshoveitontheboard board.

Tee hee. Lovely! x