Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the post-birthday world*

... is still strewn with wrapping paper and presents and cards and cake crumbs.
And crumpled tissues.
And half-drunk cups of tea.
And prescription meds.
And over-read books.
And more tissues.
And pieces of my fragile temper.
And tear-stained cushion covers.
And 2 x serious cases of Cabin Fever.

Yup, the birthday girl and I have both been very poorly. Some more so than others. In a classic 'omg I must be a parent now' moment I took Frieda's lumo-yellow snot to the doctor yesterday and came home with antibiotics for my laryngitis, and the knowledge, thanks to our GP's lovely bedside manner, that the back of my throat looks like 'a slab of raw meat'. Too much information all round I know but this is how dire it has been.

I blame too much fun really. And too much baking. Oh my word, too much baking.

To recap:
On the 1st day of Frieda's birthday (park party) her true love baked for her: one pink garlic cake
On the 2nd day of Frieda's birthday (kiddie's party) her true love baked for her: 12 Ultimate Frikkin' Impressive Penguin Cupcakes, one Earl Grey Cheesecake (for the Mum's, it was not great - the only part true to its name was that it was somewhat grey in colour - but other than that, too sweet, not earl-grey'ey at all and not cheesy enough), a couple hundred cheese-straws and some awesome yummy Marmite wheels.
And then (sob) on the 3rd day of Frieda's birthday (family party) her true love baked for her: another birthday cake (ok, ok, her father baked this one, but I project-managed and iced it!) and a lemon meringue pie which was EPIC. 'Cos I believe that when life gives you lemons bake lemon meringue pie see.
[Ok listen, do not try and sing the above to any known tune, especially not one which comes from a popular Christmas song, you'll end up frustrated. And I don't want that.]

So the weekend was really, really fab and lovely and we're well and truly stocked with toys for the next 6 months and none of them are broken yet, tho' we've already had to change the batteries on the singing coffee-machine someone gave her (not I, just to be clear, someone), and I've not gotten round to thank you notes to all the aunties etc but I'll get there, one day before Christmas, and maybe some time in the next week I'll start clearing up around here...
But for now we're being languid in pyjamas, watching the Seasonal Forests episode of Planet Earth a gazillion times (it's Frieda's favourite, starting with a snow leopard and a moose - 'kittymoose'- later featuring ducklings jumping out of a tree - 'flyingbabyducks' - and culminating in a [very scary] tiger hunting down a monkey - 'catchingtigermonkey'. What's not to love?) and trying not to get on each other's nerves too much.

Oh ja, and it's utterly freezing and raining and hailing and howling and disgusting outside. How apt.

There's all kinds of other news and excitements involving international travel, tall dark and handsome strangers, new work and romantic mini-breaks but sadly, I don't have the energy to go there now. Stay tuned!

*and if anyone else has read it, don't you agree that if/when there's a film adaptation Bill Nighy must absolutely play Ramsey the snooker player?


clairedulalune said...

Molly, isn't it fantastic when you make a meringue pie that not only looks good but tastes good too? I know the feeling, epic is the perfect word for it. You must be tired out after all that! What a fantastic birthday for your daughter Frieda, you should be very proud of yourself!

Sarah Lulu said...

I love Bill Nighy ....so clever in Love Actually.

And your story was delicious!

Happy Birthday to your little one.

julochka said...

how do you do that? be all witty and pithy and funny when you're sick.

it sounds like the birthday week festivities were worth it.

tho' i'd like to see a shot of that earl grey cheesecake. WTF?

hope you're both on the mend soon.


Amanda said...

I am so glad others have birthday weeks for their children. It seems that this is how our kids birthdays are too.

As for the spouse, his birthday always is around father's day and the big charity golf tournament he loves so much, so we call his birthday week FOT. That is the Festival of Todd.

Sarah Anne said...

Penguin cupcakes! Those are so fun.