Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a chilled weekend

The cottage where we spent a simply divine weekend. It's a big old farmhouse with a kitchen, complete with massive Aga (and all the mod cons too), on one end, and a big lounge room with a fireplace and about 12 sofa's on the other. Inbetween, down a long passage, 6 bedrooms, all with wall heaters (ne-cess-ary!) and 3 bathrooms. The perfect size for the inordinately large group of people we were!
4 babies! Did I mention those?

We awoke on Saturday morning to a world covered in frost ~ exquisite.

(disclaimer: underclad loon in the background is not my husband!)

Did I mention there were lots of babies?

Despite the frosty start the days warmed up beautifully so we loaded all the babies (and related paraphenalia), the 5 dogs and a couple of tons of yummy food into the cars and headed out to this majestic spot to lounge around for the afternoon. These rocks are famed in the area, their smooth curves testament to their age - moulded by wind and time - their gorgeous colours the result of sediments and lichens.

It was one of those weekends which feels far longer than its mere 48 hours. Frieda was thoroughly entertained by her new 3 yr old friend and the horde of babies (oh, did I mention those?) to oogle and pat, and our pup, Lego, had hand's down the best time of anyone. She ran and ran for 2 days, playing with the other doggies, her nose afire with all the new smells, progressively getting dirtier and dirtier, until she literally ran herself out and crashed on Sunday afternoon for nigh on 20 hours, awaking to find she'd started her first heat. Our little pup's now a grown up bitch! 

But the very best thing about the weekend? I had lots of little snippets of delicious and most unexpected me-time. Lots of moments of  no child/dog/husband. An extra long shower here, a sit on a log with a cup of coffee there, a little read of my book, a moment in which to bake some chocolate brownies undisturbed. The other girls were all very occupied with their babies, the dads with the dogs and the little girls, and I seemed to just slip off the radar a bit. And that, is priceless.


Amanda said...

What a wonderful weekend. See what might happen if you keep considering another baby? Bye Bye alone time! :)

kristina said...

such beautiful photos! I'm glad you found some "me time" :-)

rxBambi said...

Fabulous! I love that rock, that is amazing. And chucks, is that what you're wearing? They're cute.
One thing, I may have missed it...where exactly were you??

Unknown said...

Sounds great! And I love the photo of the chucks!
Oh, Me time, when can I get me some of that? :)

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...


I clicked on the incredible rock photo for a closer look. It has icicles!

Sarah Anne said...

What a sink. And the rocks look amazing.

kez said...

What a fab looking spot! Did you rent or is a family/friends house? If you did rent & you're willing to give away the secret of this little gem please would you send me a mail! ( Appreciate it - and please keep up the great writing, its such a great read!! :)

Sarah said...

Sounds divine Molly! And great pics! I must get some of that talent-thing some day!

Pattern and Perspective said...

Looks serene; however, I'd leave everyone and go alone:)'d really be peaceful.

Mari Mansourian said...

sounds like a great time was had... love the rocks

molly said...

aaawwwwsome! you've just described a perfect weekend. nice one.

(my word verification is a new word for what you did this weekend: "hangsh")