Monday, July 06, 2009

give chance a chance

Many, many years ago a friend of mine was involved with a Rasta. He was a sweet guy (the Rasta), well-intentioned, gentle, but just not into what you'd call, er ... climbing the corporate ladder. Or .. building a career. Or, indeed, working. At all.
While my friend worked herself to exhaustion serving tables and such-like to pay the rent etc, his response to her queries about what (the fuck) he was planning to do about earning some money was simply: Jah will provide. An answer which sent her into fits of hissing rage until one day she had one of those light bulb moments: Jah was providing. Jah had provided her to take care of him.
Maybe her problem was not putting enough faith in Jah.
Anyhoo, she didn't really hang about to test that theory and needless to say they're no longer together. Thank Jah.

The rest of this post isn't really related to that, except maybe I'd like to illustrate what a real slacker looks like before I make the following confession. And also 'cos I think its a cool story.
But the actual point I'm trying to get to is that sometimes I'm a bit of a chancer. I'm a bit of a 'what will be, will be' kind of bird, a bit of an annoying 'oh well something will work out' person. It's not like I'm lying around all day smoking joints and expecting others to take care of the world (but god, sorry, Jah, doesn't that sound attractive sometimes?), but occassionally I refuse to get het up about something until I know it's time to invest that energy, sometimes I'm ok with letting a situation 'play itself out'. One of my favourite phrases too I might add.

Quick, an example, lest it seems that I'm that kind of person.

I was once event-coordinating a major government meeting in Johannesburg. There would be many VIPS in attendance and ego's strutting about and it was imperative that the whole event run like a well-oiled machine. The flights, the airport-transfers, the tech, the catering, the protocol - no detail was to be left to chance. And I was all over it. I had more information about each of the attending delegates than their family doctors; I had ID numbers and seat preferences, I had dietary hang-ups and next-of-kin's details, I had blood types (yes, seriously) and model numbers and, jeez, I practically knew who wore boxers or briefs, g-strings or boy shorts.
And then, a week or two before the event, I got a call from some well-meaning PA to tell me that her boss (one of the main speakers), had developed an allergy to, get this: black pepper, and please could I ensure that all her meals were guaranteed black pepper free. Um, sure.
And also, no.
I just could not face having to deal with that one. I mean, can you just hear the conversation with the caterer's? I'd made sure everything was halaal, I had varied and interesting vegetarian options going, I'd ordered in the required 3 strict kosher meals from an external Jewish caterer, there were lactose and wheat free options on the menu, but no black pepper? FFS.

So I just didn't. Deal with it I mean. I just let it 'play itself out'. I thought you know, on the day I'll serve her a plate of salad with no seasoning and say 'there you go darlin', because really, if you're unfortunate enough to have some dietary requirement that specific, then bring your own frikkin' lunch see.
And get this: two days before the meeting she withdraw her attendance. 'Much regret' yada yada, and I had a smug little giggle and once again confirmed for myself that sometimes its just not worth getting your knickers in a knot until you know its really time to do so.

An attitude which has, I must confess, time and again worked for me. To the point that sometimes I've felt a little bad, just a little mind you, and wondered whether I'm not tempting fate with this laissez faire attitudeAre the gods of chance saving up a big one to wang me with when I least expect it? Maybe. But in the meantime, its an outlook which is still working for me.

And so, a scant week or so before Frieda's nanny goes on her annual leave, and in the face of starting another part-time contract on top of my existing one (and thereby doubling my work hours), and after lazily sending a couple of mails and (barely) looking into a couple of options for temporary childcare, the solution has just fallen, quite beautifully, into my lap. A stand-in nanny, with credible references and just one month free between two contracts, was recommended to me (thanks H!) and will be starting next week.

Jah Chance will provide!


Extranjera said...

So you're the one who is thieving my karma.
Now I'll find a way to pin me behind that horrendous (tree eating, atmosphere rotting) 4x4 on you. ;o)

Awesome post.

I might just go from Zeus to Jah. Has a nice ring to it.

Not joking: VW = nester.


clairedulalune said...

Oh Molly, I think I have the same attitude as you, only, I get in trouble all the time for it, saying sheepishly, " I knew I should have done that!" Imagine if you did go to all that cringe worthy trouble of saying no black pepper to caterers and the woman didn't show up? I think my big fella is starting to become a rasta, only it is me providing!

McGillicutty said...

Oh darling it's such a good way of looking at things, there's too many diva's already in the world.. I have always had a kind of laid back attitude (although the inner dq comes out once in a while), I was once described in an evaluation at work as being so laid back I was falling off the chair. Now I am 40 it's even better 'cos I feel I can actually admit to it and tell people that I don't give a rat's ass. They generally like the honesty. Good for you and keep it up....i may have intentionally served black pepper just to see what happened!

Unknown said...

Oh my Jah! How I wish I was like this! Seriously! I'm the best procrastinator EVER but at the same time, I worry because I'm not "doing something about it".
Would you give me some lessons? If so, when, how?
See? Control freak!

*krystyn* said...

that is awesome that both scenarios just worked themselves out like that. hooray!

Sarah Anne said...

I can't get away with that. I'm too worried about everything!

Amanda Jane said...

I leave things to chance, and often am critized for not "caring" enough. I care, I just don't get worked up over trivial things. It's so much nicer to live as stress free as possible.

Great post!

kristine said...

this is a great post. I am like you. In fact I would say I have a spectacular lack of detail orientation. Sometimes I get mad at myself for that, and I am happy you have provided me with a nice justification. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

i am in the middle of organising a huge event, and am getting mad requests and demands from everyone. think should follow your route with a don't give a damn attitude, just to make things easy? hmm....

spudballoo said...

Fantastic story! Sometimes things fall in to place for me like that, and sometimes I leave things be on the basis that along the way they generally sort themselves out. When I had a proper job I regularly left stuff in my in tray for so long the need for me to do anything with it had passed by the time I'd summoned the enthusiasm for it...

kat said...

Wish I could cultivate a bit more of that laissez-faire attitude. I've a feeling it should just come naturally but I'm trying to keep things in perspective that usually cause me stress... :)
Great post!