Tuesday, November 10, 2009

list of 5: 5 things inspiring me

People, most of whom have happened to be women recently but I'm sure this is incidental, who know their shit.
From buying a toilet to downlighters to splashback tiles, I keep finding myself wildly impressed by the technical know-how and expert opinions of sales people all over the city. This is all the more inspiring for the generally crap levels of service we've come to expect here.
My 90 yr old grandfather who surprised as all by arriving at his birthday lunch on the weekend dressed in a traditional Red Indian Native American costume, dancing into the room to the beat of a drum.
Beloved father of 4, grandfather of 12, great-grandfather of 9 (with no.10 on the way), we were all once again awe-struck by his vitality.
During the speeches his children honoured him by saying he was the most unflaggingly positive person they'd ever known (could you ask to have anything better said about you?) and that throughout their lives they'd been able to go to him with any problem or concern, and while he may not always have been able to provide a solution, they'd always walked away feeling better. I cannot think of a higher accolade for a parent. (Incidently, my grandfather served in North Africa during the war, an experience he never talks about but is generally accepted to be the reason for the little bit of sadness which lurks in his eyes, and he would totally agree with Mr London Street on this.)
Another great irreverent and gentle parent, Jim from Sweet Juniper, with this post. He manages to just get it right every time.
Cupcakes! As always. It's quite weird 'cos I don't really love eating cupcakes, it's the making of them I'm starting to suspect I'm developing an addiction to ...
When we were packing up the kitchen Husband kept going on and on about 'exactly how many cupcake baking tins does a girl really need?' as he unearthed more and more from the bowels of the baking cupboard. Answer: lots. Can't wait to get the use of my oven back for a celebratory batch.
Frieda's unerring ability to answer 'NO' to any question or request posed to her. Any question. Including: 'Would you like some ice cream?', although admittedly that answer is 'NOyes' like it's one word.
Okay, I exaggerate, this negative trait is not inspiring me as such (most of the time it's annoying the fuck out of me), but I have to have some admiration for a stage in life in which you have no concern about pleasing others, don't give a hoot about social niceties or the 'right thing to do'. Every question, request, demand, inconvenience thrown at you gets immediately deflected with a firm 'NO'.
I plan to revert to this the day I turn 75.


jane said...


Tooting Squared said...

Having had my friend's daughter, a smidgin older than your's, to stay recently, can I recommend that you lap up "no" before "why" comes along. Because THAT is wearing!

An Open Heart said...

I wish I could meet your Grandfather! He sounds amazing.What a wonderful example of how to live, a blessing.

I like how you found the inspiration in Frieda's NO......

"I have to have some admiration for a stage in life in which you have no concern about pleasing others, don't give a hoot about social niceties or the 'right thing to do'."

75 sounds like a good age to wait to revert to that philosophy.


Mr London Street said...

Thanks for the link love!

Sadly I think I reached the point where I have no concern for social niceties about twenty years ago and my blog provides tragic yet clinching proof of this.

Kimberly said...

Love your blog title!