Monday, November 16, 2009

marching to tiletoria

One thing about renovating, you find yourself in the weirdest places. Places you'd never in your right mind (or normal life) frequent.
Tiletoria is one such place.

When you've lived in one city for 15 odd years you think you know it fairly well. But as life likes to remind one, there's always more to learn out there. Even if you feel the lessons best left unlearnt.

And so it came to pass that we spent a bit of time at Tiletoria last Saturday morning. More time then either of us would've thought we would really, but we went in looking for a lowly basin spout and immediately I had to start taking some pictures of the horror.
Then Frieda discovered the indoor aquarium, so that took a while.
And then as we leaving Husband noticed the daily special in the tearoom (yup, Tiletoria boasts its own one) was scones with cheese and jam and coffee for only R15 and so, I'm ashamed to admit, we sat down and had elevenses there.

Sitting right near this:

Too close for comfort to this:

Nauseatingly conscious of this:

And reeling in disbelief at this:

The whole time we were there I was pronouncing the name of the place as Tile-tor-ia. Eventually Husband pointed out to me that it was actually pronounced Tile-toria. To rhyme with Pretoria.

Instantly it all made sense.

Besides the scones we bought nothing.


MissBuckle said...

Ha ha ha... that is some of the worst decor I've seen in my life!

julochka said...

what? not even the toilet seat? i think you could count it as creativity. :-)

but in all seriousness, i think it's good you got out of there unscathed.

Tooting Squared said...

Pleeeeeeease tell me that you're going back for the zebra print sink!

rxBambi said...

I'm thinking of our own version of Tiletoria which I think would be Home Depot or Lowes (? anyone?) and it definitely does NOT have scones! I'm so jealous!

Just Jules said...

those are awfullllll! hopefully the scone was better.