Friday, January 01, 2010

happy (food) new (food) year (food)!

That's some subliminal blogging right there. Or maybe just some subliminal hinting at what our NYE comprised of.
Food. And lots of it.
When you're 7+ months pregnant and you've both been too dang distracted to make any plans it's amazingly refreshing to discover that you'll happily settle for a quiet evening at home, just the two of you (after child went to bed that is), and more food than you could possibly eat in one sitting.

We spent hours planning, shopping for and preparing our feast, in a way that we didn't really have time to do for Christmas cooking, and enjoyed every minute.
I had moments of checking in with myself as to whether I was really so happy to be doing nothing wilder or more exciting then staying home and stuffing my face - maybe I was just trying to convince myself - but no, I really, really wanted to do nothing else but just that. This must be what being a (gluttonous) adult is all about ... ?

We kicked off with an appetizer of deboned chicken thighs, wrapped around pieces of dried peach, and then enrobed in streaky bacon. Cooked on the fire to juicy, fatty, drippy deliciousness.

Later we ate rib-eye steak (also braai-ed, naturally), potatoes and onions cooked in the coals, green salad, beetroot salad, roasted corn on the cob, wors and my long-awaited lazy chillies relenos - groan.

Later still, home-made creme brulee.

Oh and in between, a couple too many of those pink star cookies.

Say. No. More.

Happy New Year, we're off for a big long WALK!


AnnaB said...

Luv the star cookies. Oh jeeees, I'm hungry AGAIN and have no pregnancy excuse, sigh.

Unknown said...

It sounds great to me! And it all looks yummy!