Friday, February 26, 2010

people are starting to look at me funny

Like, omg a baby (or two) could fall out of that woman any moment now, look away, look away.

I went to a couple of shops this afternoon and it's possibly the first time since I've been clearly and visibly pregnant (not just possibly 'big boned') that no one's engaged with me about it. No questions about when I'm due or what I'm expecting or 'Baby sure likes these sausage rolls hey' when I go back to buy another batch less than 15 minutes after the first (and btw, to that lady: watch it).

It's not that I mind the lack of engagement. Truthfully it's somewhat of a relief after months of being inanely polite, but I think the size of my belly is starting to make people nervous.
My hairdresser last week as I was paying my bill and leaving said, 'Shew, glad you made it through your appointment without anything happening', the doorman at the bank says goodbye with undisguised relief that I've not sullied their vile green carpets on his shift. People in check-out queues avoid my eye, but can't help glancing a second or third time at my belly.

Maybe this is why we used to go into confinement. To save the rest of the world from being exposed to our blatant fecund over-ripeness. Maybe this far along a pregnant woman becomes a little obscene. A little too 'Ja I had sex, yup someone planted their seed inside me, hell yeah I might actually push another human being out of my vajayjay in the near future'.

Am I making you uncomfortable? Trust me darlin' not nearly as uncomfortable as I am.


Fi said...

Nearly there! Hope it all goes well, you know, pushing her out of your vjj! xo

Miss V said...

Haha people looked at me funny when I was reading this blog and laughing to myself in the subway!!! All the best for you and your bebe:)

Jana said...

Imagine the joy and wonder you will feel when you get to hold this amazingly new and small person in your hands for the first time; I think that will more than make up for whatever you have to go through.

Though I agree it is not easy not to be extremely conscious when the whole world seems to be staring only at you!

Unknown said...

Oh dear! The day my waters broke I had one of those crazy, mad old tramp ladies cursing me for being all sorts of a floosy, lady of ill repute and just plain mucky! She also told me my baby would come out with the mark of the devil and it served me right for being such a slut. Hmmm.

Get those sausage rolls delivered and tell the rest of the world to bog off!

Sarah said...

Oh Molly, I think of you everyday and how uncomfortable you must be feeling and probably looking forward to just having your normal body back. I am thinking of you and sending you good vibes!

HA HA HA! My WV is nogas!

julochka said...

what i wanna know is how did you do 12 blog posts when i wasn't looking? (i know, i know, i've really not been looking of late - but we're house-hunting and it's taking all my energy).

i hope it happens soon. if only for the safety of the public at large.