Sunday, February 07, 2010

stuff white ladies do*

* as witnessed by me or friends of mine in the last few months.

~ park on yellow lines or in no-go zones with utter disregard, waving off protesting guards with claims of 'Ay'll just be here for a minute my man, do calm down'

~ berate the poor dumbstruck butcher at the local supermarket for the amount of plastic and styrafoam used to package the meat cuts

~ hand out drinks of iced water and second-hand hats to people begging at the traffic lights on the hottest days of summer, all the while scolding them for having their kids out in the sun all day

~ threaten to confiscate unhealthy looking cart-horses and/or dogs from the most dubious looking scrap-metal collectors with apparent lack of concern for their own safety or what they'll actually do with the horse in the unlikely event that the guy's cowed (horsed?) into handing it over

~ interrupt a meeting full of senior (male) managers at the supermarket to complain about how few check-out points are open during rush hour and then victoriously have one of them push her overloaded trolley the length of the store, in front of all the harried shoppers, to an empty till which is being hurriedly opened just for her
(ok, this last one was me)

I'm not saying it's exclusively white ladies who do these kinds of things. But there's something about the indignant, self-righteous sense of entitlement of a South African white lady ... there's just something about them ...


Isabella Golightly said...

White South Africans are rapidly becoming more unpopular than upper class english twits who pop over for their gap year & decide to stay on in 'the colonies'... they both rude, demanding and arrogant, but the tipping point for most people is... that accent!

Isabella Golightly said...

That should read "they are both..." d'oh.

McGillicutty said...

I have family over there who are white S.African ladies... I'm sure they probably do all of the above!