Wednesday, April 21, 2010

... and on with the whinge

Or maybe I'll just do this instead:

~ be grateful for the return of the internet, we've been without it for 6 days.

~ be grateful that although we could've had 2 weeks away on holiday with what we've spent on doctors and medication this month, we've been able to afford what we've needed in the way of health care. In this country, as in most in the world, this is not to be taken lightly.

~ that the special pharmacy colic home brew works, it really works!

~ that while we've been holed up at home for far too long, with the sinking feeling that we're missing the last fleeting days of summer, we've a nice comfortable home to be in, one filled with things to do and space to do our own thing.

~ that while parenting has never been more challenging than this while of newborness + manic nearly 3 yr oldness + colic + sickness, we're grateful that we're parents.

~ that Finding Nemo exists

~ that no matter how ill, we're always able to cook, bake and eat well

~ that we've family so close, and so willingly to help out

We're still not well.
Some days it feels like we're getting there, others just feel like we'll never be well again.
I've a theory Stella thinks we communicate by coughing and identifies us by our different hacks and wheezes.
Even our cat's got the flu.
The most robust of us all is the 6 week old. And she's robust indeed - weighed in at 5.7kg yesterday!

Cough wheeze sniff.

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Jana said...

You will surely start feeling better soon...wishing you the best and a sppedy recover.