Thursday, April 29, 2010

bye bye april

And what a weird one you've been.

Last year April was one of my most prolific blogging months, and there was lots to blog about. There was the one about camping (one of my favourites I must say), and Election Day, and our new Prez, and some doggie love, and lots and lots of food.
Moments of Perfect Clarity was made Blog of Note and Julie outed me, pushing my followers up from 3 (Julie being the only one I didn't know personally) to 35 overnight and forcing me to examine my own 'blog like nobody's reading' philosophy.
Fun times.

This year April has been, um ... exciting, in different ways.
Most obviously has been the presence of our Stella, not even an itch a twinkle in her father's crotch eye last year this time.
She's been delightful: she sleeps, she eats (and eats and eats and eats), she tolerates the most godawful amount of noise and disruption from her sister and dog and family in general. She's been a bit colicky, but in a most apologetic way, and she's keeping us all highly entertained with her massive weight gain (6kgs today - Frieda's weight at 4 months!).

What's not been as much fun is our ongoing sickness. Just recently I thought I should've started breast-feeding the whole family weeks ago, could've improved our general health no end.
Besides yukky and inconvenient and frikkin' expensive it's just been so b-o-r-i-n-g, and with husband still not 100% and myself periodically still feeling shite we're not completely over it.

And then there's been Frieda.
My monster. My heart. My sweetest child and my biggest trial. She's the acid in my punch, the unexpected clove in my dinner. She's the sun which breaks through my clouds, the jester of my court. She makes me smile through my tears, makes me cry with rage, plunges me into the depths of despair, makes me soar with love and laughter.
The post about Frieda, and how she's taken to this massive upheaval in her life, has been written and rewritten over and over in my mind. I need to sit and blog it out, I need to purge, to pour it all out and sift through it and wrangle it into some kind of structure. I need to download, debrief, expel.
Maybe I'll get there in May.

May will hold it's own trials and jubilations, but May will be May, it'll be a different month. And that's all we need right now.


Mari Mansourian said...

hi :) gosh i guess i have been absent from the blogosphere for too long, congrats on the new arrival, and hope you all feel better :)

Fi said...

Happy May to you all, I hope you feel better & return to blogging soon :) xx