Tuesday, May 11, 2010

art, art I love you

Get this: this post has nothing to do with babies!

I managed to get myself to the Spier Contemporary Art Biennale at City Hall just days before it closes. The exhibition opened just before I had Stella (oops, mentioned the baby) and was on my To Do list. I missed the chance then but was determined to get there before it closed.

With the rain bucketing down outside and just over an hour before Frieda needed collecting from school I whizzed around it this morning with my Mum and the baby sleeping soundly in her Moby wrap.

Here follows some mediocre photos of some great stuff.

ceramic cow head - love love love.

croxley counter book blankets! double bed size. fabulous.

one of brett's golden truths.

a dreamcatcher made from 4000 black condoms - filtering out the nightmares ...

See? I'm not just all about babies at the mo ... 
(and I finally got my boob-brain around Picasa Web Albums - could it be because the baby is 2 months old today? Two months old!)

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