Sunday, May 16, 2010

she ...

... loves the ginger kitty to the extent where I worry for its life. She tracks Fritta down (yes, yes, our cat and our child have very similar names, please believe me when I say we didn’t realise this at all until a friend’s then 4 year old pointed it out to us – doh!), takes her into her pup tent (pitched in the lounge), zips it up and spends ages in there – all quiet except for the hum of contented purring and the occasional rustle. On Thursday however, more than halfway to my Mum’s house, I thought to ask her if she’d let Fritta out of the tent before we left. ‘No Mum’ she answered happily, ‘she wants to stay in there’. 4 hours later when we got home Fritta told us a distinctly different story.

... likes to have cornflakes and ‘bopye’ for breakfast. The cornflakes come from a box, the bopye must be tracked down and caught, wrestled into the bowl, covered in cornflakes and then have its wings wet with milk - this prevents it from escaping. Thereafter the cereal is eaten with relish. This is all her invention.

... will occasionally end up in our bed with us. When I try to roll over to sleep with my back to her (mainly in an attempt to protect all squishy bits from her inevitable flailing limbs) she asks me not to, whispering in the dark that she wants to ‘see my pretty face’. A master of manipulation. It works.

... told me, the other morning when I was giving husband a hard time about something, not to ‘talk all wobbly to my Dad’. This was accompanied by a little shake of her hips which I can only think was an imitation of my body language.

... when asked by a visitor what her baby doll’s name was, answered in all seriousness ‘Zeberebareba’, and so it has remained. Zeberebareba the doll is now part of the family and must be referred to as such. Just to be clear, this from a child who speaks as clear as a bell, Zeberebareba is no baby talk gibberish, it is the name she has chosen for her baby.

... makes us laugh and laugh and laugh.


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Aww. I remember when all of Ladybug's dolls and animals were named weird stuff like that. Good job spelling that one!
Now we get dolls named after her classmates. Cute, but not as fun.

ps- I needed a little meditation and came to feed the fish. :)

julochka said...

"don't talk all wobbly to my dad." that's priceless. and i believe i may have heard something similar from my child the other day when i was in hysterics (again, again) about my red smeg. which is over in the other house. and very distinctly absent here.