Sunday, September 05, 2010

cold turkey

Case in point, I should've titled yesterday's post 'putting out'.
Humorous, enticing, tongue-in-cheek yet inherently relevant to the topic.
Maybe if I'd not been so distracted by my decision to deactivate my facebook account I'd've been more creative.

Yup, I did it. I cut the digital cord and moments later, obviously, Stella sat unassisted for the first time. In times of old (read half an hour earlier), I would instantly have started composing my status update. But no, no longer will I be enslaved by that particular social media.
Naturally I immediately texted my Mum and 3 friends, but I like to believe that's different ...

Now that I've done it, spectacularly 'unfriended' 160+ people in one fell click, I'm wondering how to tackle another new (artificial?) social convention: do I mail people to tell them I've left the building? Should I have updated my status 24 hours before deactivation, notifying them of my intention to leave?
Molly is ... sayonara suckers!
Molly is ... closing this particular book
Molly is ... sticking it to the man (in this case Mark Zuckerberg)
Molly is ... a mollygone
Molly is ... outta here mofo's

No. I needed to cut the supply line, shoot the dealer, go cold turkey. And honestly, it kinda amuses me that there are people out there who'll notice their number of friends has dropped by one and spend real time angsting about who left, why? why? was it something I said, omg am I not interesting enough?

I'll tell people as I make contact with them in the real world. I've already sent TWO long over-due newsy mails to friends this evening. I am so smug.

And naturally I'll still be spying via Husband's account.


Deer Baby said...

Just don't ever go on twitter.

Fi said...

Congratulations! I did the same but rejoined when I returned to the office after maternity leave - I think is fine to ignore work for Facebook stalking, less fine to ignore babies... :)

McGillicutty said...

Good for you!!! now... can you flush the crackberry????

Michelle Roger said...

I bow down to the master. I think I may require a 12 step program to break free of the my FB monkey.

PS I like no.3 as a potential status farewell :)

Molly said...

Staying well clear of Twitter! But very weird to start Monday morning without the crackbook fix - I will persevere!
Thanks ladies.

Rose Lombard said...

I will miss you and your humour on Facebook... Guess I'm just going to have to get more addicted to Google Reader to keep in touch. ;)

I do understand how hard it is to keep a balance between the real and the virtual... and with other people who need your attention at home, it must be that much more difficult. I know when my cats start hanging out with Mayra downstairs, as they did during last week's deadline, that I'm too busy on my computer!

The lines between virtual and physical spaces are becoming increasingly blurred. I actually wrote a poem about it last week, kind of a sick Alice in Asunderland doggerel verse, and I would tell you to check it out in my FB note, but maybe I'll just email it to you instead. Don't be a stranger. :)

krista said...

i realize i don't pay enough attention to who is on facebook with me when i have no idea what the right number of friends is.

i keep thinking about getting rid of mine but it's the best way to keep up with friends far and wide and so many of my family are on it that it cuts phone time to nothing. (i'm not really a phone person.)

sometimes i sure do think about it though...