Wednesday, October 13, 2010

here's the thing

The thing about sinus infections.
They lurk. They irk. They prey on your depleted resources, hide when anyone's looking and then ambush you when you least expect it. One day it's blocked ears, another it's a wheeze. You think it's all unrelated, but actually it's the same sinus infection. It's been here for weeks.

The thing about resilience.
The body is an awesome thing. It can truly adapt to almost anything. The problem is not the adaption, the problem is the transition.
One can learn to function on never sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a stretch. But then you get 3 good nights in a row. The body collapses, weirdly you've never been so tired, then it adjusts, and adapts. You feel amazing.
Then the sleeplessness starts again. And while your body clock resets itself you feel so very, very old, until again it becomes the norm. And you carry on.

The thing about holidays.
They take a lot of planning. The more exciting the trip, the more planning required.
And ours is exciting. And requiring a lot of planning.

The thing about 3 year old's.
They're wily unpredictable little blighters. And money down, when you decide at 3.30 on a Friday afternoon that you simply must take your throbbing sinuses to a doctor before the weekend and beg and plead until you get an appointment for 4pm but you've got both kids so you rush around getting ready to leave and ask your eldest to please, please go and find some shoes you will walk into her room 5 seconds later to find her stark naked.
'I want to be bare Mummy.'
Of course you do.

The thing about parenting two smalls.
It's so, so time-consuming.

The thing about blogging.
I miss it.

The thing about sleep deprivation.
It fucks you.


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

you're so right about the things. i miss blogging, too. at least we understand each other.

Anonymous said...

we miss reading you!

Charlene said...

Children should be allowed to go to the doctor's office wrapped in a blanket.