Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how divine

So here I am, in the eye of the storm so to speak.

The last few days have been somewhat busy, busy packing and planning, lists and to-do's. You'd think we were staging a major expedition, not a mere 6 day holiday.
Something to do with doing all this packing and planning with two small people in tow perchance?

We packed until midnight last night (my absolute limit of endurance on the amount of sleep I get at the moment) and scooted around doing last minute things this morning.
Ridiculous things like deciding to swop the contents of two packing crates and 5 minutes later swopping them back. Necessary things like bubble-wrapping the base of our new sofa lest the cats wreck their revenge on being left behind. Nostalgic things like unearthing my late father-in-laws binoculars from under our floor (yeah, we've got storage down there) to take with us.

And then Husband, with a very excited doggie grinning on the front seat, drove off to start the adventure. And I? I took the road more travelled by and went inside to change a nappy, collect Frieda from school and spend the afternoon on the beach with my Mum.

But tomorrow the girls and I will have quite an adventure of our own. We're taking the bourgeois civilised route and flying to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, Where, if all goes according to plan, Husband, having booked excited grinning doggie into lux kennels, will be waiting with open arms at Arrivals, and we'll bundle into overloaded vehicle to spend a few days with the elephants (and assorted other wildly exciting animals) in Addo National Park.
Yes, my darlings, we're off on safari.



middle child said...

Have a wonderful time!

Charlene said...

I sure hope ya'all have a wonderful time and take lots of pics of things we cannot find online!

Tara said...

Oh how fabulous!! If you get a chance, and you feel up to it with 2 small kiddos in tow, there is an AMAZING drive up to the Zuurburg Inn. Beautiful beautiful views over the Addo Valley. And they have a restaurant at the top where you can enjoy a lovely lucnh!