Monday, February 21, 2011

a bit meany

I'm sorry, I can't help it, but this is why sometimes I hate reading blogs ...
I’m especially fond of mornings so I wake up very early so as not to miss anything. My
day begins with a French press of coffee with rye toast, plum jam and almond butter or perhaps a bowl of Irish oatmeal with real maple syrup. Always there is writing in my
sketchbook journal (poetry, free verse, laments) and a morning walk along the beach
with my dog after my son heads off to school.

I am passionate about collecting records and play music on a portable record player in my
studio or I listen to NPR's ‘tiny desk concert’ series for soaring inspirations. And then
I write, and write and write some more as words dance across the page. Occasionally I
pontificate in my journal, illustrating my thoughts with polaroids and often I take one of
my very many cameras out to take pictures. Lately I am most fond of my Holga camera.
I make endless pots of tea in a vintage silver teapot and of course there is chocolate for
brain food. Creating is such a beautiful act of worship in my daily life and so good for
my soul.
Seriously, who lives like this? It seems so contrived.
Must the butter be 'almond', the oatmeal 'Irish' and the maple syrup 'real'?

I guess instead of being such a turd I should be happy someone's following their bliss. And obviously avoid reading about it if it irks me. And also acknowledge this wouldn't be my cup of tea (not even brewed in a vintage silver teapot) even if I had the choice to live like this. Which I guess I do, as do most of us, really.

But what's more fun than the occasional bitch?


Mr London Street said...

I found this incredibly amusing, along with the fact that the woman responsible for that quote wrote a blog post called "the syncope pendulum of my wandering soul". Too precious for words.

Inge said...

i totally agree with you! its hard work finding a "normal" blog to follow,without teapots,gadgets,shopping,make up and all that "wonderful" stuff. in norway we call them "pinkbloggers"...
and i dont think ANYBODY lives like that, its all in their heads/dreams ;)

MissBuckle said...

Oh, how I enjoy a good bitch. And I really hope I don't come off as that :-).

I can be all organic and flowery and crafty too if I'm in the mood. Watch out!

But for me it's that kind of blog that people have when they have too much time on their hands.

Unknown said...

That is one reason I love your blog it is real. Saying what is on your mind, expressing it and not giving a crap what others think ....I LOVE it.
I also agree some blogs are all sugar and no spice..boring.

kathleen xx

Molly said...

@ MLS - OMG you googled her! Ha ha. Unless of course you're a secret follower ;)
@ MissBuckle - Never, ever, ever could you be this precious. Your sense of irony is rock solid girl.
@ Inge - I totally agree, SURELY no one lives like that
and Kathleen, thanks my dear!

DB Stewart said...

What Kathleen said.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, stuff like this makes me cringe!

Anonymous said...

I’m especially fond of mornings so I wake up very early so as not to be treated in a passive aggressive manner by my supervisor. My day begins with a freshly bought machine-dispensed grande Tim Horton’s French Vanilla cappuccino, with an original cinnamon flavoured deep fried delicacy or perhaps a fromage croissant. Always there is writing on my computer PC (facebook, email, sometimes work) and a morning walk, about 30m away from the door with my ciggie after everyone saw me at my desk.

-DL Meanie

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

ha! I follow a similar blog and spend most of my time cursing at her musings of "goodness" and "signs from the universe. Gag. vomit. For some twisted reason, I still follow it because she is so ridiculous and I can mutter aloud at her foolish notions.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Oh...I do sound terribly nasty. I do believe in "goodness" and following your head and heart, but those who seem to never have a bad day leave me feeling very suspicious!

Molly said...

Thanks dbs :)
Andrea, never apologise - you're amongst friends here.
And as for you DL, I'm still screaming with laughter ... !

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Ugh. I'll tell her where she can put her vintage silver teapot!

This isn't a blog. It's a brag. Boo. Hiss. and Bleh.

Heather said...

Ewwwww! Good lord, the pretension. "One of my many cameras". Really?? I sort of want to google her, too. :)

Charlene said...

Blogs have become a version of the memeographed family Christmas letter. With those, you didn't have to see them but once a year.

Heather Moore said...

Thbthbthb. That's the sound of the raspberry I make at that trust fund kid. That said, if I blogged about my actual days it would be a heck of a lot of moaning and groaning, so best I hold back and blog about the lovely times. Twitter holds the real story for me :)

PS: I love your blog. You're a laff a minute, even when you're moaning and groaning.

Unknown said...

this brightened my day!

kat said...

Funny. So, so funny.