Monday, February 14, 2011

candy love

We don't do Valentine's here.

Call us cynical. No really, do. We like it.

But we do do craft. Well, I do, and I like to try and rope Frieda in. I've realised this is often merely as a means to justify doing some silly cutsie project I've been harbouring a fascination with for years.
Frieda's not that into craft projects, she'd rather play an elaborate game involving a small Buzz Lightyear, 3 or 4 assorted fluffy animals (a woolly mammoth, a turtle, a puppy and a giant Piglet), a long red ribbon, two random plastic pieces which fell off the mop and a box of tissues.
Say no more.

But still I force her to get involved, no doubt enjoy it more than she does, hold out a secret hope she'll get more into it as she gets older, and placate myself that maybe Stella will be really crafty.

So we made these for Frieda's classmates:

She actually enjoyed it. And ate far too many sweets. And was very happy setting off for school this morning with a bag full or surprises for her friends.

But for the real spirit of Valentine's, read this post from the fabulous today is my birthday!

Now that I love.

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Unknown said...

You guys may not celebrate it but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

kathleen xx