Thursday, March 03, 2011

make it grow

Our house is well over 100 years old. We've lived in it for nearly 8.

The week we moved in, just a couple of days before we got married, Husband pulled up all the carpeting (beat that for a pre-wedding stress reliever) and the work pretty much hasn't stopped since ...
We've come a long way.

But the nature of a project like this is that one's never really finished, there's always going to be more to do. Equal parts inspiring and frustrating.

Our favourite thing in the world is Starting A New Project.
Second favourite: Making it Happen.
Less favourite: Completing Project.
Worst thing ever: Snag List.

And so we live with various projects in various stages of completion, with tools always unpacked 'cos we 'just need to finish up ... ' Sometimes it makes me MAD and sometimes I kinda like it.
I think it's good for our girls to watch and learn from us fixing up our own home, but often I wish parts of our house were more kiddie-friendly, slightly less 'don't touch that!'.

But on to our New Project. This one is for the girls. We're making a garden.

One week ago: Weird, virtually unused corner of hot, over-grown crazy paving next to the pool.

 (dontcha just love those air-bricks on the right ... ?)

Same view after last weekend:

The plan is to fence off the pool and plant a small (4x4m) but to be deeply appreciated patch of lawn. A bit of green space for the kiddies, a bit of head-space for the grown ups.

Still not sure what to do about those air-bricks though ...


sunshine said...

Looks like this might be the beginning of a very nice new area... Are you thinking if getting rid of the air bricks of keeping them, if you decide to get rid of them you could put some big planters with plants to add even more green to the area but still keep it kind of private... you don't even need to take all of them out, you could do only every other row and add the plants too... just an idea, have fun!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

I grew up in a house that was over 100 years old and in a constant state of renovation (my dad was an architect and never completed an area before moving on to another- he still does this and it makes my mother crazy!)I have such great memories of constantly moving my room and the sounds of hammering and smells of sawdust. you are not just building house, you are building memories, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I like sunshine's idea. Why not destroy the shed too? DL

Anonymous said...

omig I love your blog, Stop by and say hello sometime.