Friday, September 09, 2011

c is for ... completely off track?

Ok y'all (ja, YOU GUYS, who are out there, reading this. The one's I usually shamefully ignore. The ones I seldom address directly. I'm going to lay this on the line for you ... )


I started a new blog.

I started a new blog in answer to that beeg question: what would be your dream job? Answer: blogging.
I started a new blog as I don't yet have that Great South African Novel inside me but I just want to write all day.
I started a new blog in response to a need within myself to talk more about my children, and our days together.
I started a new blog with the intention to shamelessly self-promote myself, to whore around for as many followers as I can get, to monetize and SEO-itize and seduce advertisers and reap kick-backs and kick the butt of the (unfortunately pretty mediocre) other SA 'mommy-bloggers' I've encountered.
I started a new blog to get famous y'all.

And now I'm teetering on the threshold of showing my new little blog to the world and I find myself consumed with anxiety and uncertainty and ... oh my god, will they like me?

This is where you come in. And you're allowed to feel totally smug about this. After years of pretending you're not there, in some strange way I feel you're the audience whose opinion I value the most. You've been reading my writing, leaving me comments, encouraging me and supporting me in this writing business.
You share this space which is all about me, this space which will always be my first love, my safety-net, the place where I can swear and tell tales on my neighbours and blog out loud.

So now I want to know from you. Honestly and openly - I can handle it all, really - go have a look, come back and tell me what you think.

C is for ... completely off track?
C is for ... c'mon Molly, you can do better than this?
C is for ... crazy concept really?
C is for ... completely boring?
C is for ... cute with improvement required?
C is for Cape Town.


julochka said...

i knew you weren't really blogging like no one was listening...i'm off to read it. and honestly, it's also what i want to do when i grow up....(notice i said when, not if?)

McGillicutty said...

ooohhh just went over and checked it out.. nice!!! and for the record.. I have a cousin named Friday.. for realz. :0)

Just Jules said...

i hope it becomes all you want it to be

DB Stewart said...

I support you either way--here or there. Good luck.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

k, am i the only one a little peeved that you haven't mentioned this before?


fingers crossed for ya. you can do it all...or at least fake it when it gets tough.

Unknown said...

good for you! you need to join some blogger networks now and start pimping your blog to the skies!

Lynne said...

love it! (and I agree with you about some of the other mommy bloggers)

Molly said...

Ah you're all wonderful. Thank you so much for kind words and encouragement!

Laoch of Chicago said...