Saturday, September 24, 2011

summer morning

Last night when I went to bed, it was early spring. There was a chill wind blowing in under the front door, I had a sweatshirt on over a jersey, in bed my toes slowly warmed and I fell asleep.

05:22 this morning I shuffled down the passage to get some juice for a small girl. The dog lifted her head and asked to be let out.
I stepped out with her, and it was summer.

The dawn was soft and gentle. Woodsmoke still hung in the air from the neighbour's late night party. The crescent moon bobbed above the horizon, her slim silhouette betrayed by the just visible edge of the rest of her fullness, like a party girl stumbling home with her spanx showing.
Birdies twittered, the sky in the east was just starting to pale.

Lego had her wee, I went back to bed, and back to sleep, with my arms out above the covers and the knowledge humming within me, summer's coming ... summer's coming ... summer's coming.


DB Stewart said...

Beauty of a post.

Possum said...

aaah...I know that summer in all its beauty at the foot of the mountain. Enjoy.
The arrival of yours heralds the departure of ours here as does the crispness in the early morning air.

Molly said...

Thanks dbs!

And you Possum, I most definitely will!

Dee said...

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