Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There's only one thing I really, really miss from my before-children life. Sunset.

For no matter how much older they've gotten, and easier it's gotten, the end of the day remains a time in which bellies must be filled and bodies must be washed (okay, should be washed) and beds must be found.

I miss idly watching the day fade away.
I long to let day slip gently into night with nothing to mark its passing but maybe a drink, and a friend, and a sunset to fill my eyes.

I got quite a few idle sunsets back when I was immobile, and I savoured every one. And I got another one this week, stuck in traffic driving home.
Who knew a traffic jam could be so sweet?

The sky was magnificent. The air crisp and chill. Time seemed to stand as still as the cars around me. And I envied those surfers, tiny dots on the waves, as they caught that magic dusky moment, and rode the night in to shore.


Veronica Roth said...

Ah yes, the BC days. It does get better though. Chloe was just telling me that it's been ages since we've seen a sunset at the beach. Mind you she figured this out at 4pm while we were walking on the beach and neither one of us were prepared to hang out till 8:30. :)

Molly said...

Yes, summer here we'd have to wait until then too!
Nowadays it's about 6pm, right when supper needs to be on the go.
One day ....