Sunday, May 11, 2014

this may

Last May was quite monumental.

I kept meaning to write about it, but it sped by in such a full flash that I didn't get there and then June zoomed through and then July and then ... you know.

Last May Stella started pre-school, her first since the school year had ended the December before. I was so emotionally depleted from dealing with her full-on, full-time crazy 3 yr old madness, utterly depleted in spirit and body.
May here starts with a public holiday, Worker's Day, so she started school on the 2nd and coincidentally and miraculously a friend had invited me to a spa morning that same day - there couldn't have been a more apt way to mark a turnaround I only really had an inkling of then.

I can so vividly recall that massage, the heat and the smells and the feeling of elevation as my body was manipulated and my spirit released. I would've cried but I was too far gone. I remember the masseuse talking to me and sounding as if she was far, far away, her voice bringing me slowly back into the room.

Afterwards, wrapped in an immense robe, I wandered into a warm room lined with air beds, suspended 25+ floors above the city, facing a bank of windows, watching the rain fall on the mountains and lay there smiling, probably somewhat ridiculously. I felt free.

It's a year on, and the turnaround that started that morning is immense.

The girls are really happy and settled in school. Stella is a a far more balanced little person, only occasionally prone to acts of heinous revoltingness. I am a far more balanced person, and probably quite a lot less revolting myself.
We're having adventures. I'm having a social life.
I'm working more and more (and at the moment quite a lot!).
I've found a new creative outlet, and have some exciting news about that soon.

Can you tell I've had rather a lot of gin this afternoon? Life is good.

Happy Mother's Day!

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