Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Autumn is so pretty. Awesome even.

Even though I resolved not to use that word in 2015 due to its massive over-exposure and world domination over all kinds of other equally lovely descriptive words.

But I think awetumn sounds kind of nifty and as a season, it's one of my favourites.

The otters have been visiting.
Once in the middle of the afternoon one taunted our dogs just off the shore, popping up and sniffing at them curiously while they barked and jumped.
On Friday night I woke at 1am to a squealing and a splashing outside - and by torchlight watched as two chased each other on a circuit of fighting and and rough-housing, into the water, round the moored boat, up on to the lawn, down the bank, into the water again. Fast and fluid in the water, delightfully snaky and just as fast on the grass.

I flew to Joburg on Saturday, to visit my bestie and take a meeting on Monday, more work for later in the year.

It was good to be a business lady again after a month of wonkiness, a month of not feeling very much part of The World.

And it was good to come home. To do a big grocery shop and clean a bunch of winter shoes, to fix the broken foot on the couch and witness yet another tooth come out, to watch Maya the Bee and order a carpet-cleaner in next week.
To watch the weather change.

There's a shift, and I like it. Time for the next thing.


julochka said...

you feel the shift too. that's reassuring. and makes it more real. i think it's more than just the season...

Blogoratti said...

Amazing photos, and interesting thoughts!