Monday, April 20, 2015

wedding in paradise: part two

part two: setting the scene


Blissful was the rest of the wedding weekend. Husband, in a masterful display of maturity and selflessness, woke on Saturday morning and made a conscious decision not to let the events of the previous day ruin the wedding.
And they didn't. What is a car (or a couple of cars) to stand in the way of true love and kinship under a wide African sky?

Saturday was spent Setting the Scene.
Erecting the stretch tent, decorating the wedding bower, picking flowers, setting up the fire pits, putting up lanterns, practising music (and speeches!), greeting new arrivals and lots and lots of swimming.

All the eager helpers had sensibly been given just one or two tasks, so no one felt over-worked and everything got done calmly and in good time.

Band practise under the stretch tent (made by the mother of the bride!).

Cutest little flower girl (made by me).

Slackers slack-lining while surrounded by slack-jawed beauty.

And then very naturally, when everything was ready and everyone had arrived, we had a wedding ...

to be continued ...

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