Sunday, September 14, 2008

flash! ahaaaaaaaaaaaa....!

Can I just say how much I love my flash-drive? Truly these are the most wondrous things; so compact, so useful and increasingly, so sexy.

Some beauts:

And this darling little collection... this site has the most hilarious array.

Anyhoo, I had a realisation about my flash-drive this week.

I was at a meeting on Wednesday where someone asked me if they could use mine to run their PowerPoint presentation off and as I handed it over I suddenly realised it was very likely there was all manner of crap saved on the thing. Some of which would probably be fairly embarrassing if it was inadvertently projected onto a whopping big screen in front of the whole meeting. You see, I think flash-drives are like handbags, and the bigger they are the more crap accumulates. 

I managed to avoid any embarrassing revelations at the meeting but when I got home I checked the contents of my flash-drive and this is a small selection of what I found:

Lol, this guy is hilarious!! Achmed the Dead Terrorist  (Silence! I kill you!) a ventriloquist puppet for the talented Jeff Dunham ( I have NO idea what this was doing on my flash though!


 I was going to make a card from this for a pregnant (and formerly very skinny) friend. Her baby's due next week. Guess I missed the boat on this one...

This I did use. Inspired by these I made some map chickens for my daughter's room (she's big into chickens at the mo). I must remember to post a pic of them soon.

And last but never, ever least. This photo of the chicken-obsessed babakin, saved to my flash to get a copy printed for Ouma.


what a sweetie-pie!

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Wendren said...

Thanks for the link. I love the chicken silhouette! :)