Sunday, September 21, 2008

the way the cookie crumbles

So our presidency got toppled yesterday. You gotta hate that right?

The whys and wherefores and whodunnits and 'what will become of us nows' are complex and multi-layered and it's not like I don't care (I mean obviously I'm wildly politically minded and spend hours in furious intellectual debate around these issues. Duh.), but for now I reckon there's always someone fiddling while Rome burns and how much more fun is it to be the fiddler than the fireman?

Not having a fiddle handy though, yesterday I baked some awesome cookies...

Cranberry & Orange zzzzzest. Given a resounding 'two thumbs up' by everyone who encountered them.


Just had the last one.


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julochka said...

in light of the madness going on in the elections in my country, this one really made me laugh. a very healthy attitude! :-)