Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm completely honoured to be included on a list of a select few to be awarded not one, but TWO blogger awards by the wonderful Julochka!

She's been such an inspiration in these last few months of blogging that this really means a lot to me. 

Almost all my thoughts about blogging and what I'm getting out of it have been wonderfully eloquently expressed on Moments of Perfect Clarity, most notably here and here, and her thoughts, rants, lists and wry observations have kept me going back there every day.

Thanks Julie!

(According to The Rules - and I'm never one to flout those as you know - cough - I'm supposed to pass these awards on to other deserving blogs. This I will do in due time. Cross my heart.)

1 comment:

julochka said...

wow, i totally forgot about those posts...who knew i had thoughts like that? :-)

in any case, you're quite deserving of the blog awards. :-) glad we "met" here in the blogosphere, i look forward to what you'll have to say in 2009. and if i can finagle some way to go to cape town, i will do it. :-)