Friday, December 26, 2008

the most beautiful thing in south africa

You know the whole Vision Board concept? Positive realisation and all that? Oprah's a big fan.

Well, I was always a little sceptical - its a bit of a bad habit of mine - and only recently started cutting pics of things I really, really, really want out of mags etc and putting them up in my study. More to just wonder at their beauty then from any real hope that the universe would miraculously make them appear in my life. And also so that in the mad rush after I win the Lotto I'll be able to just look up and say 'oh ja, I'll take one of those and one of those' etc etc, 'cos I mean who thinks straight in those circumstances right?

But get this y'all, I think it might just have worked...! 

The item in question was voted The Most Beautiful Thing in South Africa in the category of Craft at this year's Design Indaba Expo, SA's premier design event. And I lusted after it. I loved it so much I cut a pic of it from a magazine and stuck it up above my desk, and it made me happy every time I looked at but I didn't really for a minute think I'd ever own it.

And then I saw some mini-versions of it in a store near us, and then ... I don't think I need to tell you what Father Christmas brought me....?

They're called VoĆ«ls op 'n Tak (birds on a branch) and they're made by a local artist, Daan Samuels, who lives on the West Coast. His inspiration are the tiny little sand-pipers who scuttle across most of SA's beaches, and he uses found drift-wood to perch them on. The original is huge, with well over 50 birds, but this little mini version suits me just fine. I'm so happy!

And the gorgeous vase in the background? It's a Liesel Trautman and was also a Christmas present. I am indeed a very lucky girl. Blush.

Two more things just quickly; 

1. Husband made his first ever batch of jam today. Blueberry, lemon, orange & ginger. We were given a kilo of rapidly ripening blueberries by my sister-in-law yesterday and decided this was the best thing to do with them.

He did have a moment's concern that he was being unmanly when his heart swelled with enormous pride (as it totally should) at the row of jars full of luscious blue jam, but I assured him that a Real Man does manly things like fixing his own motorbike etc and makes jam, and he got over it quite fast. I think the excitement at the thought of tomorrow morning's breakfast toast has obliterated any last worries on that front!

And, 2:

I hope we haven't kick-started arachnophobia or anything, but check how fearless Frieda was when introduced to this at my parent's house! Yup, it really is one of those. My mother saw it crossing the paving at the bottom of their garden and thought it was a small crab come up from the lake. They're not sure how it got here (shouldn't occur this close to the coast), but it sure is nasty!

Hope you all had a very lovely, spider-free Christmas. And if there's anything specific you want under the tree next year, my advice is to get started on those vision boards.... 

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julochka said...

the birds are WONDERFUL!

and a man who makes blueberry jam! PRICELESS! hold onto him!!

merry christmas.

i also just gave you an award on my blog, so come and get it! :-)