Thursday, December 18, 2008

miscellaneous musings with a sprinkling of swear words

  • fuck it's hot
  • goddam pasta salad is yummy. The only thing to eat in heat like this. And watermelon... Wow, watermelon would be good right now. Spiked with vodka.... chilled in a mountain stream... (moving item to To Do list forthwith)
  • I just love the spelling of 'miscellaneous'
  • proudly staring at the Christmas stocking I made Frieda last night - 98% finished
  • wondering if I can really be arsed to drag kiddie halfway across town in this heat to visit Cape Town's Ultimate Scrapbookng Shop? Pros: car has aircon, could probably find last bits I need to complete stocking. Cons: potential damage to credit card, definite damage to reputation if spotted.... 
  • wondering if The Adenoid is allowed in the pool. No, no, I guess you're right, it probably isn't...
  • cursing the name of a certain individual who is doing a good friend wrong.... (seriously, what is up with some men not being able to step-up and take responsibility for their lives?? ffs, strap on a pair already!)
  • also cursing the tech gods who've decided I'm not allowed to have one of those fax to email jobbies - it's supposed to be one of those one-click-wonders - yeah right!
  • STOP THE BOAT! Duh, The Adenoid is still napping.... I'm off to the pool!

1 comment:

julochka said...

love the list and even more the swearing.

can you tell i'm catching up? where HAVE i been?