Tuesday, February 03, 2009

it's a shitty business

number the one:

Turns out 19+ months of changing nappies has not adequately prepared me for dealing with puppy poop. Goddamn it's gross. And at least with kiddies there's the thought that one day, after the nappies and the 'Mum, come wiiiiiiiiiiipe', the day will come when they'll be solely responsible for that aspect of their personal hygiene. With a puppy, the best you've got to look forward to is that they'll get to a stage where they poop mainly in one place, or only out on walks and then you'll still need to pick it up and dispose of it for them. Bull terriers live for approx. 15 years.

But who's a cuteliddlepuppywuppy then?

Flew down from Joburg all by herself on Saturday (I've been fighting hard to name her Import) - no local Cape Town doggies for us dahling - and she's been really good and sweet so far. Husband is Smitten. Hyper Toddler is having to up her game to stay Ms Popular. Especially after recent events. More on that soon.

number the two:

So the stupid #!@&!! contract has been postponed! WTF??? I am feeling SO frustrated - I was SO looking forward to getting busy. Jaysus.

As my Mother, with her hilariously jaded sense of humour said; at least I've a fancy new oven to stick my head into! Urgh.


number the three:

Our house, my life, my sleep, our mealtimes - all are being run at the moment by a very contrary demanding little lady AKA Our Beloved Daughter.

It's the bane of parenting to spend ages seeking a reason ~ with Frieda at the moment I can only think its a combo of incisors cutting through (those bastards are sharp), the terrible two's making an early appearance ('cos she's so advanced of course), the (apparently normal) increased clinginess at her age, the shifted dynamic of having a house-guest and her possibly feeling she needs to be even Louder because of it. 

It's been a trial.

Me time is a concept I've completely shelved for the time being. The other evening I had a quick shower between Frieda going to bed and having supper. I was rushing, as I am all the time at the moment (and this without the job grrrrrr), skipping any luxury such as facial scrub or back brush, hurriedly drying off, dashing to our room to throw something on. It was dark out and the curtains were open. I was in too much of a hurry to close them so started dressing in the half-light. And suddenly I had to stop. The frangi-pani's outside my window are in full bloom, their wonderfully exotic scent wafting in the window on the gentlest of warm breezes. The street outside was quiet and almost glowy in the orange street-light, one of our kitties was sitting on the wall absorbing the evening, enjoying the coolness, surveying her kingdom.

I stopped, and sat down on a chair by the window, I forced myself to stop. Stop and observe the moment. Say hi to myself, to breathe, feel and most importantly, not to think.

And then I rushed on.


julochka said...

the stove is GORGEOUS and with a heather moore tea towel. heaven. you can find moments of happiness just standing there staring at it, can't you?

but good luck with the puppy poop and the terrible twos. my sister's youngest just turned 6 and he's still in the throes. not that frieda will do that, i'm sure she won't! :-)


p.s. i know what you mean on the delayed contract thing. grr. i hate the GEC.

Anonymous said...

In order - first, oh my! A puppy! Here's to learning to poo in the same-ish place nice and quickly..

And then - ooh wow, that is a very serious looking oven! You could have so many things cooking AT ONCE!

Finally - Sorry to hear Frieda is being a madam. Sure it could be attributed to all sorts of things, but that doesn't make it any easier does it? Don't forget - this too shall pass!

Hope your contract comes through soon. I think I might start thinking about a career at some point this year..


Unknown said...

Oh yesss, loving the oven and the tea towel!