Friday, May 08, 2009


arboa ~ the mantle of arbness I've worn around my neck this week

And I couldn't even say why. It's not like I've not been having a nice time. I've had some lovely times with Frieda, two very nice evenings with friends. I've had some productive work time, and cooked and eaten some yummy meals.

I even got new olive-green velour sweatpants to glamorously arb around in. You'd think that would make me happy ...

But then, I'm not unhappy. Just arb.

Is it too soon for SAD? 'Cos I might just have a touch of that.


Ok, here we go - a little pick-me-up challenge. I will now search Google Images with the word 'arb' and post the first pic that comes up. Uno momento, por favor.

Oops, that didn't work. Turns out there's a brand of 4x4 accessories called ARB. The first 4 pages is full of it. (Seriously? ARB?)

Let's try 'arbness' (yes, okay purists, its probably not a real world but just play along). 

Oh. My.God. Get THIS: there's only 25 picture references for the "word" 'arbness'. 9 (yup, nine) of them link to my blog.

Am I wildly re-energised by the notoriety? Or feeling even more arb?

Think I better change into those sweatpants and think on it.

Rocking Friday night over here, can't you tell?


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Ummm, Molly? What the heck is arbness? Can I use it in a sentence? Or do I eat it?

Extranjera said...

SA terms galore. I've always assumed that it has something to do with arbitrary? But it could also just be the sound the bored cat - Snowball II - on Simpsons makes.
I think it's awesome though that you have arb notoriety. You are in the pj mafia after all.

Seaside Girl said...

Delicious word. I shall be trying to drop it in conversation tonight. Now slip on those sweatpants and you go girl.

Molly said...

EVERYTHING to do with arbitary. VeG, it's like 'ennui' , but too arbitary to 'lead to violent depression' (thank you Wikipedia). more likely to lead to the couch and some crap TV.

Molly said...


Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Um, OK, I LIVE arbness. Why I aspire to be a hermit. Though probably could never quite be as perfect at it as Extranjera.

julochka said...

I totally got (long ago) that it was connected to arbitrary. do I win?


Pattern and Perspective said...
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Pattern and Perspective said...

I wish life was based on whims, not reason and principles. Wouldn't want to break the law, but wish I had magic powers I could do as I wish (and not what others want).


Just Jules said...

Is it even more sad of a Friday night that I am reading about someone slipping into SAD? let the good times roll! I remember when....sigh

The Fragrant Muse said...


This is was I found at I swear.

arb: –noun
an arbitrager

Molly said...

I'm an arbitrager! Love that! Thanks FM x

Magpie said...

To arb or not to arb, that is the question.