Wednesday, May 20, 2009

list of birthday loveliness

In no particular order ~

  • sunshine
  • hearing the words 'happy birthday mummy' for the first time. ever.
  • cupcakes for breakfast
  • smoked salmon for lunch
  • chocolate birthday cake baked by my husband
  • birthday greetings from my 87 yr old grandfather
  • not one, but two pairs of Campers (for serious. TWO.)
  • not one, but two Liesl Trautmann ceramic bowls
  • one most beautiful vintage black filing cabinet with brass trimmings (yup, from here)
  • non-stop calls & text messages to make me feel loved
  • lots of lovely bloggy greets
  • oodles of facebook messages including this, my favourite, from a long-lost childhood friend 'hey babe - happy birthday! hope you get utterly spoilt! the date has been imprinted in my brain since we were 8 - it's great to be able to wish you again!'
  • shome very shpectacular wine
  • an electric toothbrush (I too shall be dragged into the modern age)
  • someone here thinking I turned 26. How sweet! But really... 34!
  • the promise of a weekend getaway with my fella and his sexy motorbike
  • having supper with my favourite people in all the world, my family
  • having truly the most wonderful collection of friends. truly.
  • more birthday fun to look forward to
  • being so happy it almost hurts

Thank you world!


Just Jules said...

oh now I am just happy reading this list!

Sarah said...

Welcome to the 34 club Molly! Glad you had such a lovely day!

Amanda said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday, friend! After the daughter, you are my favorite Molly!

Mari Mansourian said...

mmmmm i could go for some of that
"shpectacular wine" right about now. glad you had a great day

Extranjera said...

Aww, just campers alone on that list makes it pretty nigh perfect.
Happy Birthday (belatedly, since I suck and am far too self-centered)!

Chris said...

Nothing like a healthy dose of thankfulness to get a person's brain on the same track! Thanks Molly! Glad you had a great day!

Unknown said...

Hippo Birdies! I too find it the best to hear Happy Birthday from the mouths of my own! Frankly, I quit counting my Birdies at 40... Still celebrate! Just no counting!!!