Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all over the place

That's me.

Did I mention I've been doing a second part-time job for the last few weeks? Too busy/lazy to read back and check, but I may have. 2 part time jobs (to be accomplished over 4 mornings a week), plus another Baby Show weekend (in Cape Town this time), plus a nasty, nasty winter cold, plus a cat who bizarrely got ulcers on the inside of her mouth due to excessive tartar build up on her teeth (have you ever ... ?), plus a toddler who decided to drop her daytime snooze (causing me to lose 3 hours in working time a week - don't try and work out how I got to that figure, it's complicated ... ), plus ... some other factors I'm not at liberty to divulge right now.

In short: fucking busy.

And even though I really should be doing something more constructive Right Now, I did a long overdue download from my camera this evening and found a bunch of random pics from the last couple of weeks. Pics not related to anything in particular really ...

Frieda and I have spent some rare sunny afternoons in our favourite place. The allure of the gardens has totally sky-rocketed after the discovery of the 'Elefint'. For some time now she's had an imaginary 'Elefint' friend - I think it's been embodied in this stone sculpture. We spend a lot of time talking about it ...

My fabulous friend treated me to lunch at Gordon Ramsey's new Cape Town restaurant a week or so ago. We had a super fun time being all snooty and critical - and giggling into our (frikkin yummy) breadrolls. In all honesty the Caeser Salads were the best we've ever eaten (and we've eaten plenty of caesers in our time), but the decor was crap - retro-Southern-Sun/Holiday-Inn-yuk-yuk-yuk - and the desserts? Tsk tsk tsk. Not up to scratch Gordon.
This was the exorbitantly priced 'Lemon Meringue Pie with Lemon Sorbet'. Yuk. Tasted like a microwave version thereof. The most exciting part was the meringue 'wand' you can see in the pic - how do they do that?

(oh but the good news is that Gordon's Caeser dressing recipe is available here - highly recommended ... )

And finally this, a note in a car parked facing the wrong way down our main street. It's quite sweet living in a 'burb full of students and hippies.

Best they hope they're luckier than that other car which parked in that same fateful space a few months ago ...

That's all I've got in me - one week to go 'til the second (and frightfully tiresome) job is over. One more week.


rxBambi said...

I've often found that desserts look much much better than they taste. Especially when I consider the workout I'll have to do to burn it off.
That car is hysterical... will the note work ya think?
I love F's elefint friend. I think elephants make very worthy buddies.

McGillicutty said...

I would have hoped for more from Gordon fokken Ramsey!!! My Mum made the best lemon mirangue in the universe!!! Gordy should give her a tinkle and i'm sure she'll clue him in on her secret!!!
vw ~ horse!! can you believe it?

kristine said...

I love that note!! Very cute. I used to live in a hipie town. the ads for spare rooms in shared houses always used to make me laugh: "buddhist vegan cat lover sought for shared house...etc".

MissBuckle said...

Love that note.

Know all about being busy.
Recently had to cut back work a day a week cause I just didn't manage to get off the ever spinning wheel of stress.

Better now. Hope you'll sort it all aout soon too.

julochka said...

are you showing your baby? like a horse show, only babies? how does that work? and speaking of babies, is the other secret that you can't divulge another baby? (was that out loud?)

the note in the window is great. like a little ray of sunshine somehow.

i've missed you (tho' i realize it's me who has been missing...)


AnnaB said...

Best nees in the world I have, yes really! (worthy of an exclamation mark)Give me a shout if I can help out at all. Lots of luv xo