Thursday, April 07, 2011

7 april

A friend had a baby this morning. No doubt she spent the day in that happy hormone cloud, the weight of her newborn boy in her arms the only thing anchoring her to earth.

In the same hospital another friend sleeps on a chair tonight, by the bed of her child, awash with fever, awaiting test results in the morning.

Across town, yet another friend lies in Recovery. The results of her PET scan earlier this week were good, but despite this she had major precautionary surgery today, removing all the glands and some of the neck muscles from the side of her face.

Mutual friends of hers and ours took their son home today. Born 6 weeks prem he's been declared healthy and strong and released, to meet for the first time the world outside, and his eager older brother.

And another aftershock hits Japan.

Life is weird.


MissBuckle said...

I hear you.

Inge said...

yep,that is so true! best of times for some,but worst of times for others...

middle child said...

And it just keeps coming.