Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday evening

Maybe that's all I got this month: Sunday evenings.

I got plenty to say, could make time to say it. Admittedly I've been spending plenty of time on Pinterest but still, I really should be able to manage more than this. But you know, sometimes you just don't feel like doing your homework.
I guess I'm holding my breath, sliding up that squeaky bedroom window, and with my shoes in my hands darting across the damp dark lawn to swim in the lagoon, pretending there's no school tomorrow.


This time of year, my god it is sublime. It's ... subtle. Subtle in a way that February in Cape Town is utterly not. Clarity, cut, colour - it's like the seemingly endless days of late summer/autumn are each perfect diamonds, most definitely gems, each one handcrafted for perfection.
The temperature is perfect, subtle. The breezes are soothing, subtle. The light is clear and gentle, subtle.
It's marvelous.

I've been cooking. Clafoutis, it's my new best thing. Ragu, it's my other new best thing, and just to stir things up a little, we're eating it with yoghurt Naan. We're like, so cosmopolitan.

I've been dusting off the old CV (not updated since 2009 I discovered), and have made a list of potential people/companies to send it out to. Nothing like expressing your satisfaction to make one dissatisfied. 
I'll send some emails this week. 
Wait, maybe next - who takes anything seriously in the short week before Easter? Who takes anything seriously in the short week after Easter for that matter?
I'll send those emails soon.

But mostly I've been remembering this and this and omg actually just all of this - wowee to the motherfucking zeee, life this April is good.


Unknown said...

I have been feeling like that lately. needing to do alot but wanting to do nothing!

I love this time of year, but it is a lazy time for me.

dbs said...

Because I am not working this week, I have plans: tear out old flooring, demolish bathroom for renovation, & paint my daughter's bedroom for her birthday (while she is in Brazil on her class trip). Will I finish before Easter? I hope so.

Fi said...

Yum, what kind of yoghurt do you use for that naan bread? I'm ever so hungry now.

Good luck with CV stuff, hope you find something interesting and not too encompassing. xo

Heather Moore said...

Love this post. But sheesh, could barely read those other April ones from a few years back. If I ever thought about squeezing in a kiddie before I really hit middle age, you just cured me :)